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Miriam Edelson has three published books, as well as many articles about topics from motherhood, grief, and mental health to the rise of the extreme right. She lives in Toronto with her partner Andy and has a daughter, Emma, two step-daughters, four grandchildren, and a son, Jake, who died just before the age of fourteen due to complications arising from his severe neurological disability. She can often be found by a serene lake in the Gatineau Hills, Quebec.



“Deep Roots, New Threats: Confronting the Rising Right”  ed. Miriam Edelson. University of Manitoba Press. Forthcoming 2024.

The Swirl in My Burl: A Memoir in Essays. Adelaide Publishing. Autumn 2022.

Battle Cries: Justice for Kids with Special Needs. Sumach Press (now Scholars Press), Autumn 2005.

My Journey with Jake: A Memoir of Parenting and Disability. Between The Lines, March 2000.

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“Breaking Down the Barriers: Women and the Nature of Union Work.” Our Generation. Autumn, 1982. 


Equity Officer | Ontario Public Service Employees Union | 1994 – 2012

Equity-related duties including harassment cases, mediation and organization of marginalized groups within the membership.

Director of Communications | CAW – Canada (now UNIFOR). 1991 – 1994

Responsible for media relations and publications for the union. Supervised three staff members.

Executive Director National Radio Producers Association – CBC  1988 – 1991 

Key staff and negotiator for small union at CBC Radio. Provided individual strategic advice and led research and collective bargaining for the Association.



Ed.D in Social Justice Education. OISE/University of Toronto, 2016. “Mental Health in the Workplace: Unions’ Role in Identifying and Combating Psychosocial Hazards”.

“Autonomy in the face of scarce resources is a false promise”. Op Ed. The Toronto Star. November 26, 2022.

M.A. in Political Science, Carleton University, Ottawa, 1984. Graduated with Distinction.  

Honours B.A. in Political Science, McMaster University, Hamilton, 1980.

Certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution/Mediation, York University, Toronto, 1999.

Certificate in Family Mediation, School of Social Work, University of Toronto, 1999.

CELTA English as a Second Language teaching certificate. LSC Toronto. April 2011.


Finalist in the Pen 2 Paper nonfiction contest, the Women on Writing contest, the Fiction Literary Review and Writers Digest nonfiction contest 2021.

2004 Canada Council Literary Grant. Ontario Arts Council Literary Grant. Toronto Arts Council Literary Grant.

Golden Pan Award. Parent Action Network. In recognition of community activism and advocacy on behalf of families and children. May, 2001.

1999 Canada Council Literary Grant.  Ontario Arts Council Literary Grants.

“No Justice No Peace: Songs of the 1996 OPSEU Strike”, Executive producer of audio cassette for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union. 

“Jake’s Life”, Associate producer for film by Laura Sky, Sky Works Charitable Foundation, December 1995. 

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