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Recently a piece I wrote called “The Herring Broker” appeared in aaduna, Volume 11: Issue 1, 2023.

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The Swirl in My Burl


“Miriam Edelson’s essay collection The Swirl in my Burl is marked by fearlessness, clear-eyed candor, and ultimately a sense of hope for a stubbornly difficult world. Whether exploring family, mental health, motherhood and creativity, grief, or more global issues such as anti-Semitism and the alt-right, Edelson writes with a compassionate intellect and an artist’s eye — a compelling combination.”

~ Dinty W. Moore, author of Between Panic and Desire  

Contact: m.edelson(at)sympatico(dot)ca 

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Previous Publications

My Journey with Jake: A Memoir of Parenting and Disability

Between the Lines, 2000

How do parents best care for a child who has special needs? Are we failing, as a society, to care for children with disabilities? Whatever happened to the federal government’s promise of a “Children’s Agenda”? My Journey with Jake works on two levels. It’s a poignant memoir by a devoted mother, and a hard-hitting, well-researched look at health care for Canada’s children.

Battle Cries: Justice for Kids with Special Needs

Canadian Scholars, 2005

Voices of mothers and fathers speak to the joys and challenges families confront in raising their children in a climate of scarce resources. Battle Cries lays out a clear map of the current services and supports available to disabled children and their parents in Canada, followed by a discussion of the various impediments these families face in the effort to achieve true inclusion in society.

About Miriam

Miriam Edelson is a neurodivergent social activist, settler, writer and mother living in Toronto, Canada. Her literary non-fiction, personal essays and commentaries have appeared in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, various literary journals including Dreamers Magazine, Collective Unrest, Writing Disorder, Palabras, Wilderness House Literary Review and on CBC Radio. Her short stories have been published by Narrative Northeast and The Wascana Review.

Her first book, My Journey with Jake: A Memoir of Parenting and Disability was published in April 2000. Battle Cries: Justice for Kids with Special Needs appeared in late 2005. She completed a doctorate in 2016 at University of Toronto focused upon Mental Health in the Workplace. “The Swirl in my Burl”, her collection of essays, was published in Fall 2022.

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